A new way to keep up with marksmanship

We are constantly trying to figure out ways to make the NGMTC better. One question we ask is, “How do we make the marksmanship community stronger?”  That is essentially the bottom line to everything we do; it’s what we’ve been tasked with, within the framework of the states’ National Guards.

So how do we make the marksmanship community stronger? That is a question we’ll be extending to you, the marksmen, in the coming months. We’ll welcome your comments and ideas for better marksmanship programs. We want to hear directly from the new shooters, the experienced shooters, and the state and regional planners all year long.

But before we can hear from you, before we can work together, before you can network among yourselves and help each other, we have to establish a constant communication flow. That is what this blog is about.

With this blog you can expect the following updates:

  • news, directly from the source
  • photos and videos from competitions and schools, as they happen
  • bulletins and match programs, as you need them for reference prior to training
  • question-and-answer sessions, to allow your direct feedback to be heard
  • scores and results, posted same-day

This blog will work hand-in-hand with our other communication efforts such as Facebook and GKO:

  • If you’ve “liked” us on Facebook, your news feed there will alert you to new posts here on the blog.
  • For information that posed an OP-SEC risk, we’ll alert you to it here first, then redirect you to the secure GKO site for more information.

We are a network of marksmen. The better we communicate, the tighter and stronger that network becomes.


2013 All Army

Here are a few stories from this year’s All Army competition at Fort Benning, Georgia…

Applegate sweeps All Army
A California National Guardsman ends the reign of the four-year defending champion

Novice learns ropes of All Army
One of NGMTC’s journalists takes a stab at All Army and describes what he learned along the way

More competition results from AMU

A short video from the competition