by Major Theresa Austin, public affairs officer National Guard Marksmanship Training Center

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -The dates for this year’s National Guard marksmanship championships are released, and they will feature night-fire matches during the Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting Rifle and Pistol Championship in order to increase operational readiness and will add an international category to the machine gun matches. 

The NGMTC staff is working day and night to prepare and validate the matches for AFSAM 2020.  Maj. Kirk Freeman, Capt. Garrett Miller and Sgt. 1st Class Jon Jeu are actively validating the new night operational matches that will be fired with full night vision equipment out to a range of 300 meters.  Are you training with your night vision equipment?

“The U.S. Army owns the night,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jon Jeu, NGMTC operations noncommissioned officer in charge. “We must be prepared to employ our equipment to out match our adversaries with deadly accuracy and extended ranges in complete darkness.”

Maj. Kirk Freeman and Sgt. 1st Class Jon Jeu validate night fire operational matches, which will be a new addition to this year’s Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting Rifle and Pistol Championship, at an indoor range in North Little Rock, Arkansas January 29, 2020. (U.S. National Guard photo by Maj. Theresa Austin)

Information has been released for service members to begin signing up to attend these events here in Arkansas.  

WPW & AFSAM Sniper Championship: February 15-20, 2020 (Fort Chaffee, Ark.)
WPW Machine Gun Championship: April 16-20, 2020 (RMTC, N. Little Rock, Ark.)
WPW Rifle & Pistol Championship: April 25-30, 2020 (RMTC, N. Little Rock, Ark.)
Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting R&P: April 20 – May 2, 2020 (RMTC, N. Little Rock, Ark.)
CNGB Postal Phase III: May 12-16, 2020 (RMTC, N. Little Rock, Ark.)

We are now accepting Letters of Intent (LOI) for team participation; the deadlines are below:

WPW & AFSAM Sniper  – Already passed
WPW Machine Gun – LOI and Team-registration due 2 March 2020
WPW & AFSAM Rifle & Pistol – LOI and Team-registration 15 March 2020
CNGB – state results 15 March 2020 and invitation RSVP 15 April 2019

Contact your State Marksmanship Coordinator for more information on attending these premier National Guard marksmanship competitions.

About us:
Established in 1968, the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center (NGMTC) is the National Guard Bureau’s (NGB) center for managing marksmanship training courses and competitive marksmanship programs. It serves all 54 states and territories and is located on Robinson Maneuver Training Center in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The NGMTC is headquarters for the “All Guard” service rifle, service pistol, multi-gun, and international combat teams. The NGMTC is also home to the annual Winston P. Wilson National Championships, where guardsmen may earn the NGB Chief’s 50 Marksmanship Badge. For more information call 501-212-4531/4549, visit us at https://ngmtc.wordpress.com or http://www.facebook.com/NGMTC.


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