FY 2016 Year in Review

Winston P. Wilson
49 of 54 states and territories attended
Over 552 Soldiers were trained
Over 118 Teams (exceed 112 range capacity)
24 Teams (18 states) competed in Sniper Comp
22 Teams (21 states) competed in MG Match

All Army
NG won All Army Overall Team and Individual
7 of the Top 10 teams were NG
9 NG Teams were in the Top 14
14 NG Soldiers were in the Top 20
11 of 43 Teams was National Guard (Army and Air)

FY 15 – 4 States Participated
FY 16 – 9 States Participated (125% increase participation from FY 15)

Inter-service (Pistol)
2nd Place overall Team
Top 3 teams in the Inter-service TM Championship Post/Station Category

Inter-service (Rifle)
3rd Place overall Team
Multiple Top 10 finishes by Individual Shooters (SSG Cody Shields, Ohio NG / SSgt Leigh Jenks III, Vermont ANG)

National Matches (Pistol)
2016 Individual High Master Center Fire Champion (Camp Perry, OH) National Match Championship (SSG Tim Barber, South Carolina NG)
1st Place Service High Master Overall TM Aggregate (Canton, OH)
1st Place High Master Service Team (Camp Perry, OH) National Match Championship
1st Place High Master CF Team Championship
1st Place High Reserve Component Team
2nd Place overall (Canton, OH)
2nd Place .22 Cal Team (Camp Perry, OH) National Match Championship
2nd Place .45 Cal Team High Master (Camp Perry, OH) National Match Championship
12 of 21 (57%) All Guard Members received President’s 100 Tab

National Matches (Rifle)
4 All Guard Members received of the prestigious President’s 100 Tab
1st Place General Thomas White Trophy (Top Overall Air Force Competitor (SSgt Leigh Jenks, Vermont ANG)
1st Place National Guard Association Trophy (Top National Guard Competitor) (SSG Cody Shields, Ohio NG)
1st Place Paul J. Roberts Memorial Trophy (Top Air Force Competitor)
(SSgt Leigh Jenks, Vermont ANG)

British Army Reserve Operational Shooting Competition (Bisley, United Kingdom)
Total: 16 Events, 8 International Teams (UK, Canada, US, Falkland Islands, Oman), 210 shooters
Individual – 1st Place wins: 5 (Best International Ind., Urban Contact, and Pistol CQM trophies)
Individual – 2nd Place wins: 2
Individual – 3rd Place wins: 3
Team – 1st Place wins: 1 (The Fortuna Trophy)

Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Concentration (Ottawa, Canada)
Total: 23 Events, 5 International Teams (UK, Canada, US), 67 shooters
1st Place Overall TM Pistol and Rifle Aggregate
1st Place Pistol Team
1st Place Falling Plates TM Match
1st Place Biathlon Team
1st Place Pistol Individual
Individual – 1st Place wins: 8
Individual – 2nd Place wins: 7
Individual – 3rd Place wins: 8
Team – 1st Place wins: 3
Team – 2nd Place wins: 4
Team – 3rd Place wins: 1
***NOTE: These results only reflect our high priority competitions. These are the major accomplishments worth mentioning.