National Guard Marksmanship Leaders

NGMTC Command Team

Commander’s Bio

NGMTC Program Managers

The PMs provide oversight to currently assigned competitive marksmanship training programs. They assist States in identifying personnel who possess marksmanship knowledge and experience in order to involve them in qualification and other marksmanship training at the unit level. The PMs develop competitive marksmanship programs and training events that are combat relevant, in accordance to guidance provided by the NGMTC commander, and submit an annual competitive marksmanship-training plan. They provide recommendations for updates to current National Guard competition policies and regulations as required. The PMs develop and produce tangible data results of sustainment training value to the Force.

Current Program Managers:

Chief of Operations & Training: Maj. Joe Warren  (501) 212-4520

Chief of Competitions: Maj. Megan Thomas  (501) 212-4513
Army Rifle & Pistol EIC: 
Capt. Garrett Miller  (501) 212-4549

Air Force Rifle & Pistol EIC: Master Sgt. Chalk Mitchell  (501) 212-4534
Protocol Office: 
Master Sgt. Chalk Mitchell  (501) 212-4534

Chief’s 50 Program: Maj. Reese Austin  (501) 212-4565
Public Affairs: 
Maj. Reese Austin  (501) 212-4565

Schools Manager: 1st Sgt. Kevin Lindsey  (501) 212-4381

Marksmanship Advisory Council (MAC) Regional Representives

Annually, at the MLW, each MAC region elects or confirms the appointment of a representative who will represent them for their marksmanship issues, concerns, and recommendations for the following training year (TY). This person is the lead in the planning and executing their MAC Region match. The dates and locations for the following TY’s MAC match will also be determined during the MLW while most of the SMCs are present and have a voice in the matter. MAC matches should be scheduled as early as possible during the spring and/or summer months. Holding elections during the MLW, gives the elected MAC representative at least 7-8 months before taking the reins in the next TY and over a year to plan and execute the following year’s MAC Region match.

MAC Regions

Current Elected MAC Region Representatives:

Click Here to contact them and start the subject line with your MAC Region (i.e. MAC5…).

MAC I: CW3 Cara Krauss (Vermont)
SFC Michael Tompko (Pennsylvania)
SFC Jeremy Hollis (Alabama)
CW4 Michael Konves (Ohio)
SFC Paul Deugan (Iowa)
MSG Morgan Jenkins (Wyoming)
SFC Jeremy Jackson (New Mexico)

State Marksmanship Coordinators (SMC)

The SMC promotes unit sustainment and competitive training that generates interest in new shooters at the lowest levels, and is available to advise unit commanders on marksmanship activities. The SMC is responsible for all activity of the state combat rifle, pistol, sniper, machinegun, and/or combined arms teams to include planning, selection, training, and event scheduling. They supervise state property accounts for weapons and equipment. Many of the SMC’s duties can be delegated, but the success or failure of the state program rests squarely on the SMC’s shoulders.

Unit Marksmanship Coordinators

This position is established as an additional duty and is appointed by the Unit Commander. The appointment order is given to the SMC to be filed. The individual serving in this position is appointed by and serves the Unit Commander. These “units”, as referenced above, are separate companies, battalions or higher. Ideally, this person is a NCO or junior officer, experienced and interested in marksmanship activities, devotes the required time to ensure that the unit marksmanship program is effective and rewarding to unit members and is a graduate of the NGMTC Small Arms Weapons Expert (SAW-E) Course or equivalent.