Badges & Tabs

Badges in order of precedence:

(1) Distinguished international shooter badge (see fig 20–15). DA PAM 670-1 page 256     AFI 36-2903 para (Army and Air wear)    

THE_DISTINGUISHED_INTERNATIONAL_SHOOTER_BADGE(2) Distinguished rifleman badge (see fig 20–16).   DA PAM 670-1 page 256    AFI 36-2903 para (Army and Air wear)

(3) Distinguished pistol shot badge (see fig 20–17).  DA PAM 670-1 page 256    AFI 36-2903 para (Army and Air wear)

(4) National Trophy Match badge. DA PAM 670-1 (aka Dogs of War) (Army Only) Awarded to the winning team of the National Trophy Rifle Team Match. Ref: 32 CFR ch v (7-1-85 Edition) Section 544.88  This badge is no longer presented during the matches, instead a plaque is given.


(5) Inter-Service competition badge. DA PAM 670-1 (Army Only)


(6) U.S. Army excellence in competition rifleman and pistol shot badges (see fig 20–18). DA PAM 670-1 page 257 and 258


(7) U.S. Air Force excellence in competition badges AFI 36-2903 para


(8) U.S. Army Marksmanship qualification badges (expert, sharpshooter, and marksman) (see fig 20–20). DA PAM 670-1 page 259


(9) U.S. National Guard Chief’s 50 Badge- (see fig 1).  Army Guard Regulation 672-3 & Air National Guard Instruction (Army and Air National Guard wear)


Tabs in order of precedence:

(1) President’s Hundred Tab AR 600–8–22 (Para. 8–53. c.) and DA PAM 670-1 page 265-256 (Army and Air wear)

(2) Governor’s Twenty Tab: Not all states have a Governor’s 20. Reference your state’s military awards and decorations regulation. (Army and Air National Guard wear)


Other Regulations governing wear of marksmanship badges, tabs & medals:

AR 670-1      AR 600-8-22      AF 36-2803     AFI 36-2903

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