WPW Small Arms Championship

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The Winston P. Wilson (WPW) Championship is conducted annually at Robinson Maneuver Training Center, North Little Rock, Arkansas and involves the rifle, pistol, machine gun and combined arms disciplines.

The objective of this training event is to promote the growth and development of state level marksmanship training, as well as evaluate individual and collective tasks pertaining to that training.

Established in 1971 by Major General Winston P. Wilson, the Chief, National Guard Bureau, the first WPW Rifle and Pistol Matches were conducted at Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, Arkansas on 4 – 9 September 1971.  Thirty-two states and Puerto Rico each participated that year. Major General Winston P. Wilson was present and participated in the awards ceremony.

The National Guard Competitive Marksmanship Committee, tasked by the Chief, National Guard Bureau to determine the feasibility of establishing National Guard State Rifle and Pistol Championship matches for calendar year 1971 and thereafter. As a result of the committee’s study, it was unanimously agreed that a National Guard Championship should be conducted and suported.

During the 1976 matches, the light machine gun was added as a discipline and in 1991, a sniper competition was added to the match program.

In January 2007 the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center, after much consideration, began to re-evaluate the matches. New courses of fire were implemented to enhance combat survivability, and for the purpose of evaluating the capability of Soldiers and Airmen to effectively employ their individual and crew served weapons.

This new direction assists commanders nationwide by giving them statistical data on the capabilities and limitations concerning marksmanship training in their particular state. While basic marksmanship techniques are integral parts of this challenging training, particular emphasis is devoted to combat realism, physical exertion and close individual and team coordination of the Army and Air National Guard participants.

Check out the 2015 Winston P. Wilson Sniper Championship video.
2015 WPW


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