The Small Arms Weapon Expert Course (SAWE) provides an intense learning experience in small arms training, maintenance, and qualification. The purpose of the course is to train selected non-commissioned officers as small arms weapons subject matter experts. Small arms weapons experts provide commanders a technical expert to assist in the planning and implementation of small arms systems training, maintenance, and qualification.

Training is focused on live fire range operations. Weapons include the M16/M4 rifle, M249 squad automatic weapon, M240B light machine gun, M203/M320 grenade launcher, M9 pistol, M2.50 caliber machine gun, MK19 40mm machine gun, and associated optics. Students, also, receive instruction in the tactical employment of crew served weapon systems. Students also receive instruction on qualification and mobilization courses of fire for small arms. Students must develop and present instructional plans and conduct range operations for each weapon system. Students must pass all written and performance examinations on all weapon systems in order to graduate.

Training is focused on providing commanders technical experts in small arms training, maintenance, and qualification utilizing the M4A1 modular weapon system, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M240B Machine Gun, M320 Grenade Launcher, M17/M9 Pistol, Night Vision Goggles (NVG), AN/PEQ-2A, AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL, AN/PEQ-15A DBAL, AN/PAS-13 Thermal Weapon System ( B/C/D/E V1-3), M68 Close Combat Optic (Comp M2-M4), M145 Machine Gun Optic, and LBS 300 (Borelight). Additionally, trains leaders in the tactical employment of crew-served weapons systems. Soldiers also perform all integrated weapons training strategy outlined in TC 3-20.40 for M4 and M249.

This two-week course is limited to E-4 through E-8, W-1 through W-2, and O-1 through O-2. All attendees must have qualified with their individual weapons within the past year. This course is fast-paced and not recommended for individuals who have trouble qualifying with their assigned weapon.  All applications must be made through the ATRRS system.

PREREQUISITES:  Soldiers must have a GT score of 100 or higher.

Students must bring the following items:

  • ACU/OCP cap w/ rank and name tape. (1)
  • ACU/OCP coat (3)
  • ACU/OCP pants (3)
  • T-shirt, tan (4)
  • Belt, tan riggers belt
  • Boots, desert (2)
  • Socks, black, tan or green (4)
  • Underwear (optional)
  • ID tags (2) long and short-chain (1)
  • Military ID card (1)
  • Running shoes (optional)
  • White socks (optional)
  • Ballistic Helmet (Kevlar) or ACH w/ helmet band, chin strap, and cover (1)
  • Earplugs w/ case
  • Current Load Bearing System (LBV, etc….)
  • Gloves (range operations)
  • Polypro Top or Field Jacket Liner (1) seasonal
  • Personal Protective Eyewear (PPE) (1)
  • Camelback (if available)
  • Personal Hygiene kit (1)
  • Gortex Jacket/Pants (w/ name and rank)(1),
  • Towels (2)
  • Lock combination or key (1)
  • Pens, black ink
  • Laundry soap (1)
  • Note Pad (1)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Assault Pack
  • Pens, black ink
  • Laundry soap (1)
  • Note Pad (1)
  • Compass, Lensatic w/ case
  • Laptop or Tablets (Download manuals)
  • Pro-Mask
  • Writing material for taking notes.
  • Five copies of your orders.
  • Government Travel Card or enough money for personal needs and meals.**

Unauthorized items:

  • Dietary supplements are not authorized for use by any personnel at any time throughout the course.
  • No cellular phones or pagers during duty hours
  • No fixed blade or folding knives over 4 inches
  • Privately owned firearms are strictly prohibited

Open bay billeting will be available to the students. You will report to Building 4901 NLT 1530 for further billeting information. If you arrive after 1530 signs will be posted leading you to the barracks. You may bring comfort items such as a pillow, blanket, clock radio, ice chest, etc. DO NOT REPORT TO POST BILLETING. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO STAY IN ASSIGNED OPEN BAY BILLETING DURING THIS COURSE.

Questions concerning the SAWE course may be directed to the NGMTC Marksmanship Training Battalion, (DSN) 962-4381/4530 (Commercial) (501) 212-4381/4530 or click here to CONTACT US.

For a current listing of all of our school dates, please search the ATRRS Course Catalog under the appropriate fiscal year. Course Number 964-SAW-E.

*We are not able to issue any clothing here, so be sure you are issued cold weather clothing from your unit.

**It is the responsibility of the Soldier to ensure that he/she has a Government Travel Card, obtains a travel advance, or otherwise can cover all expenses before departing home station.