by Major Theresa Austin, public affairs officer National Guard Marksmanship Training Center

ROBINSON MANEUVER TRAINING CENTER, Ark. -This year’s marksmanship championships information has been released for service members to begin signing up to attend.

WPW & AFSAM Sniper Championship: 20-26 April 2018 (Fort Chaffee, AR)
Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting: 24 April-04 May 2018 (RMTC, N. Little Rock, AR)
WPW Small Arms Championship: 28 April-03 May 2018 (RMTC, N. Little Rock, AR)
WPW Machine Gun Championship: 15-21 April 2018 (RMTC, N. Little Rock, AR)
CNGB Postal Phase III: 20-25 May 2018 (RMTC, N. Little Rock, AR)

The Official Match Programs are linked above for release (Machine Gun posted 2/26/18).  RFO (request for orders) has been updated; see link below. Click each competition above for the OMP.

We are now accepting Letters of Intent (LOI) for team participation; the dead-lines are below:

WPW Sniper & AFSAM – LOI due 1 March 2018    Pre-registration 20 March 2018
WPW & AFSAM Small Arms – LOI due 1 March 2018    Pre-registration 1 April 2018
WPW Machine Gun – LOI due 20 March 2018    Pre-registration 1 April 2018
CNGB – match scores and targets be submitted until 1 April 2018

Contact your State Marksmanship Coordinator for more information on attending these National Guard premier marksmanship competitions.

RFO (request for orders) as of Jan. 2018



Individual Pistol Agg

Individual Rifle Agg

Team Pistol Agg

Team Rifle Agg

Individual Overal Champion


Final Results Bulletin



2017 Sniper WPW & AFSAM Results


Winston P. Wilson Sniper Championship

Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting Championship

2017 AFSAM-SA Day 3

Day 3

1. Bianchi Battle

2. Patton Match

3. Rifle EIC

4. Rifle EIC (Leg Points Only)

5. Falling Plates

6. National Guard Infantry Team Match

7. Covering Fire

8. Know Your Limits

2017 AFSAM SA-Results Day Two

Day 2

1. Rapid Pistol CQB

2. Rapid Pistol CBQ Team

3. Close Quarter Battle

4. Combined Arms Enemy Barricade

5. Movers

AFSAM SA-Results Day One

Day 1

1. Leg Points Only

2. Anti Body Armor – Individual

3. Anti Body Armor – Team

4. Combat Pistol Barricade

5. Pistol Barricade Team

6. Combat Pistol EIC

7. Reflexive Fire

8. Combat Rifleman (Forward Assault) – Individual

9. Combat Rifleman (Foward Assult) – Team